Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laundry List

A Laundry List sounds like a bad thing but I have a fairly decent one for the weekend. One, in particular, is regionally specific so try to hang with me.

First up, my brother-in-law directed this episode of Nova's Making Stuff miniseries. I missed it because a) it did not actually air here at 9 pm on Wednesday or b) even on Wednesday. I am going to try and catch it online this weekend because I hear it is quite worth a looksee. If the iPad had flash player my world would be complete - that and Nanette's closet.

Next, Mary Ann over at the wonderful blog, Classic . Casual . Home is actually talking about real laundry, specifically her fabulous new laundry room. I stayed up too late catching up on blogs I read so that is how I know. Check it out. I might try to help out with the laundry. My husband would like that since he usually gets stuck with it.

The big news around here is that Drew II, "the new Q" has left the building,

and had Daddy (Atlanta Hawks head coach for the uninitiated and if you are still reading) make the call for him rather than telling everyone himself.

I liked Larry and now we won't get to make T-shirts for him on Senior Night. His dad looks like a really nice guy, but maybe not such great advice this time, chief.

Lame. That is how I feel about it and also - grow a set. Unless you really don't want to play basketball - bonehead move. I could go on a bit more about this but I will not bore you. I live in basketball country and this is the topic du jour as well it should be. First game post Drew Two is Sunday at 2 pm. You know where I will be.

Watching on television. One of the things I gave up when we moved here was my good fortune to purchase season tickets each year from someone who married a Duke fan. Also Weaver Street, Whole Foods and Trader Joes but I digress.  (if you are coming this way bring me some of this)

I was beginning to have that glimmer of great basketball hope. The spark has not yet faded from my heart. I am a fan. I love Alabama football, the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Boston Red Sox with great devotion and in that order.

Speaking of football,
I guess a lot of people will watch the Super Bowl. I plan to. One of our closest friends was born, bred and raised his own family in Pittsburgh so we kind of have to be for them.

But I don't really care and I guess some people really want the Packers to win - a whole good against evil thing. I just show up for the cheese dip and beer and enjoy the spectacle and the game.

Speaking of the Super Bowl,
Have you seen this commercial?

My Darth Vader made me watch the video at least 10 times before I said no more. But I LOVE it. What it reminded me of more was the time he was Batman and could be seen running all over the place saving us from bad guys and ne'er do wells. He wore that Batman costume like Butterball over at Blue Hydrangea wears his gobbers. For reals.

It is still raining but at least I am at home with my family today.

Last night I had a dance party with my 8 and 9 year old and I so outlasted them.

They have both been a bit under the weather this week and homesick so it wasn't really fair. Moving is really, really hard. It is for them like divorcing a place that they love and so they feel a little lost - sometimes more than others. This week kind of sucked. It pains me.

Then I talked to my mother for an hour, checked in on the teen and chit chatted a bit about various goings on and fabulous plans in the works and how she really has to clean her room.

By then it was after 10 and it has been one of those weeks where I do not even remember what my husband smells like  which may be a good things since he's been home with sick kids all week but still.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder even when he is right under my nose.

More pretty people because of the cold wind and rain.

I did buy some stuff from Ruche and will give you a review here soon.

I will say that I am impressed with the quality and that things run a little small,

or I need to take it easy on the cheese dip.

I plan to take the opportunity this rainy day to start watching this.

Those in the know tell me it is to die for. I'll report back.

And make some of these tomorrow morning before Sadie has to Acolyte at church.

If you like to bake or just read about baking you must check out Salt. I thought you could only make Beignets from that mix from Cafe Du Monde but I also thought the oven was for sweater storage like Carrie from Sex and The City (just kidding, sort of).

Luckily, there is no baking involved. Rolling out dough, frying it and putting loads of powered sugar on the result, I can handle.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We have some beignet mix...I might give it a whirl tomorrow. Cute commercial. We had Luke running around our house with a tied on baby blanket and light saber. I still cannot believe your husband does the dreaded laundry!!! My husband cooks and grocery shops BUT laundry is a no go.
    Loved this entertaining post!
    Mary Ann

  2. Thanks, I do love your new laundry room. I love boys, they are so very entertaining and yes, I am probably one of the luckiest women in the world. I do work a whole lot and am the breadwinner but I don't have to come home every night to another job. I got a good one.

  3. Beautiful post.

    (I'm watching the Super Bowl for the commercials, too. And to dance like crazy during halftime!)


  4. I can feel your pain . . . Sadly I gave up Weaver Street, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes for Southport too, back in August 2010. I find myself in the grocery stores here on the verge of tears (well, almost!). Not that I always bought super healthy things while in those stores but just because I felt healthy vibes while shopping in those establishments! I nearly had a meltdown the other morning when I had my last cup of Whole Foods, Bull City Blend coffee. Did you find Tidal Creek Co-op in Wilmington yet? I think you'd like it!