Saturday, September 17, 2011

That Time of Year Again

Football season for an Alabama native is a big deal. I am an expat of the SEC and so I will take this moment to give my annual take on Crimson Tide Fashion.

That and you know it is bad when your 10 year old daughter says, "hey, are you EVER going to update your blog?"

So, here's to the guy that inspired it all.

And here are a few choice items for the discerning and well-healed Alabama fan!

Diane Von Furstenbug at Neiman Marcus (Hello!)

Kate Spade Lola Dress

Amy Winehouse by Fred Perry at (I like this one better actually)

Marc by Marc Jacobs with these perhaps.

Kate Spade Jocelyn shoes

Or Nanette Lepore dress at

Or get your Taylor Swift on (also Nanette)

Go Red or Go Home and Roll Tide y'all!