Saturday, February 26, 2011

House Tour

I told you we feel like we live in a tree house. This is the front door. I want to put something on the bottom half for privacy but it is hard to do.

This is that new entry table made out of old Charleston doors.

This is the view out of the windows. The windows in this house are amazing.

You may have seen this room before but I tried to do a better shoot of it. Makes me really appreciate the photographers of the glossy mags - online and off because it is really hard.

I finally (okay my husband) painted the cabinet. I did get some new chairs for the dining table. Not sure I am quite finished there but getting closer.

I love everything about the kitchen except for those pendant lights. I am going to have to replace those with something more industrial looking. Someday. I did not pick them out and I can think of at least three other options that would look a lot better. Well okay that AND all the wine storage space. I like wine but one of those is sufficient. Especially since there is a very nice wine store literally at the end of my street. I am thinking tear those out, one shelf in the middle, pretty pottery and glass collections.
Keep that one right there.

Just opposite the cabinets there is the door to the teen cave.

I am going in a circle. The living room, dining room and kitchen are one.

I have always tended to have neutral walls because I get bored easily and it makes change more accessible. Besides, I hate painting.
But this bathroom is screaming for a cool wallpaper.

It is one tall skinny powder room. I am thinking about wallpaper for sure.

Now down the tall, skinny hallway

Our laundry room

That door to the left is our bedroom. I haven't done anything new in there so will spare you. Opposite wall.

Back the other way towards the stairs.

The landing area outside Frick and Fracks' rooms.

My sister in law made a lot of these quilts. She is super talented in a million different ways.

Their bathroom was too messy to photograph and I didn't feel like doing anything about it but the art wall is just out the door. I love having their work on display. Another reason I am a fan of neutral walls.

Plenty of room to keep going.

One more shot of the stairway.

One shot here of our bathroom only to say that I bought a shower curtain at Target to cover this one for $32. I like the idea in a bathroom. I like this one but I am kind of on the look out for something I like more. I bought it and put it up so I could take a shower without giving the neighbors a show back in May.

Okay another shot. I love my bathroom. It was probably the wrong time of day to be trying to take these pictures but everyone was gone and I gotta take what I can get.



  1. Wow! What a gorgeous house? How old is she. The proportions are amazing and I love all the windows.

    Your would-be-changes are dead-on. Especially wallpaper in the little bathroom. How pretty would that look?

    Just an amazing house...


  2. Thanks. We love it. It is actually new - 2008 but built the old way. You would think it was old even if you were in it. It is a hard house to decorate because it is sort of speaks for itself! Makes things challenging but also fun. We haven't even been here a year but I am pretty clear on what I want to change and some of what I want to do. I wish I had more time!