Friday, February 4, 2011

Because it is raining again

This is just the most dreadful weather. I would rather have snow than cold, windy rain day after day. I need to look at pretty people and think about sunshine.

 Love this shoot from W Magazine in 2005


Did you read the article in Vanity Fair a few months ago about them?  I am such a romantic and just think it is tragic that they could not figure it out. I know people compare them to Brangelina but so different in everyway except how gorgeous they both are.

And Angelina could take a few lessons from Liz and EAT MORE FOOD.
The sun will not be out until Sunday but then I will maybe go boating.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy Rainy Friday to this post. I still have that W mag from 2005! That is a great photoshoot of them. Agree that Ange needs to beef it up a bit. The VF article on dick/liz was sad--just as you said--tragic.