Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nanette, Anthropologie and Ruche

It is no secret that j'adore Nanette Lepore. This is her closet! I believe that every woman should have a closet like this - or every woman that wants one. You know, that whole Room of Our Own? This is my ideal of that or close anyway. Give me a teal velvet storage ottoman, a chandelier, mirrors, a dressing table, a load of hanging spaces, a glass of vino, some good music and I am good. There is no man near this room. He does not even want to come in here. This room scares the crap out of him. He can have the rest of the house, if I can have this closet. Okay? Work that out for me.

Elle Decor image

Pictured below are my favorite shoes of ALL time. Nanette. On sale. 
Still too expensive.

If I could have afforded to, 
I would have bought a pair in every color of the rainbow. 
They have a wooden 3" heal. 
Kicking and girlie at the same time. 
That pretty much sums up Nanette for me. 
I could be President in these shoes.  
Because I am both a banker and a bohemian by nurture and nature, 
her designs allow professionalism to be feminine and edgy.

 This is me at 4. I have never been a conservative dresser.

Ever been to a banker function? 
Everyone is in black or grey. 
I have the stand bys for those times when I want to blend into the wallpaper 
but for the most part I prefer to get away with a lot more style than that.
Anthropologie gets the Nanette vibe but it is still pricey and I don't know??
- less appropriate the older I get somehow. 
I might buy three or four things from there a year or pick up a couple of items off ebay
but it has changed and gotten more expensive
or maybe I have changed and gotten more cheap?

So to get to my point. . . drum roll, please.

Maybe I am the only person on the planet that did not know about Ruche. This is possible but I am so excited to make this discovery. It is perfect and so affordable. Even if the quality is crap (and it doesn't look like it is), you could buy everything I am about to post for less than $1000(I didn't actually do the math, I am just trying to make a point so roll with it). I haven't bought anything yet, but if I were planning to revamp my wardrobe and accessories, here are some items I would consider.



I had a hard time narrowing it down - if you could call it that.

Love Me Like The World Is Ending Teal Coat. Okay!

wrap dress for a special occasion

Did you know about this place?

 And if you did, why did you not tell me sooner?

at their prices, a girl could have a coat in every color

Of all places I discovered this from one of those annoying ads on Facebook.

 I NEVER click on those but something called out to me and I may never be the same.

less than $50

yes, please

LOVE - now that is gray I can deal with


0r this
with this

and this

or this

and this

 These are less than $100. 
Kinda makes me look stupid for paying what I paid for my black over the knee boots. 
Really stupid.

See you here next weekend. 
Have a great week and Happy February! 
Was it just me or did January seem to last forever?


  1. Love the picture of you at 4! Love the closet as well. I am saving that one away!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I am from Birmingham. I grew up in Forest Park. Just checked out your blog - those green lucite bar stools are awesome!

  3. I didn't know about Ruche either! Great post! Love, love, love the pic of you at 4! That is the real jewel. Oh, and let's not even get started on Nanette's closet. Or your fabo white shoes. Dear lord.

  4. OMG, thanks for the heads up!! I am heading right over!! And I love your picture!! I went to a headhunter years ago thinking I looked all fabulous and the guy told me I would never get a job in Charlotte, that I wasn't conservative enough. I said thanks, see ya!!

  5. I was lucky, my first corporate boss owns more boots than I do! And her favorite color is pink. I think she actually has a hot pink suit. I have also been lucky to work in Chapel Hill and Southport - although quite different, both rather casual and quirky in a good way. I get away with quite a bit wardrobe wise.