Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting My Christmas ON

I talk a mean game but when it comes to the Christmas Season I am a big softy. This is what we accomplished this weekend and I do mean WE. I have a nasty, nasty cold but have to admit all the Holiday Cheer made it seem less dreadful.

First there was a little of this

and then a little of that

I like taking old Christmas pictures and putting them around the house during the Holidays

We got a Tree

Okay, Jack and Sadie got the tree whilst I lay in a comatose state in bed 
and the kids decorated it, but I did put the lights on, I swear!

And yes, our Christmas Tree does have it's own room in case you were wondering

 A little more of this

and a little more of that

A snowman for good measure

some lights and a few bows

and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas if I do say so myself

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Talk About Boots

Forget Christmas, the best part of Fall AND Winter is that we get to wear our boots.

With a name like Puddleskipper what is not to love?

And really who does not look better in a pair?

The Clog and the Boot get married - need I say more?

I have been fascinated by Artisan Cowboy boots. 
Old Gringo is a brand to remember.

Now, true, some of them are just downright tacky.

Or just over the top for moi but in a "you could totally work these if you were hip and cool enough with maybe a few piercings, some rad tattoos and wore them with skinny jeans and a black t-shirt" sort of way - which is cool and I would like these on you. 

In fact you, my friend, could rock these boots I am sure. You know who you are.

But what I am getting at is that there are some nice 
cowgirl boots out there and I need a pair. 

In fact, we CAN talk about Chrsitmas if you think
you might want to get me some as a present. Just saying.

Here are some interesting selections I discovered. 
They are all made by Old Gringo.

And then there are all the other kinds of  boots and 
I am thinking that I need a closet just for boots.
What about you? Do you wear boots like I do? 
How many pair do you have?

all these can be found at

And now it is back to decorating. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Decorating

Well it IS December 1st, Thanksgiving is behind us (and like Sissy over at Blue Hydrangea, if I was Thanksgiving I would be really pissed off at Christmas - next year, I swear, all the Christmas decorations will be up before Halloween)! 

So as of right now I have 10 days to get ready for this Holiday Home Tour. I decided I needed a little inspiration.

These got my creative holiday juices flowing

That pretty much sums it up. Happy December ALL!!