Thursday, February 3, 2011

All My Rock And Roll Fantasies

I realized a long time ago that in 50% of my daydreams, the place I go when I need to escape from the reality of my waspish, terribly responsible modern existence is that fantasy where I am a rock star. I am absolutely killing it with my bad coolness and you are loving it.

I can do whatever I want and people might write about it, take pictures of my shenanigans but ultimately, I just don't care because. . . I am a rock star.

I mean who doesn't feel like doing this from time to time? If you are a rock star, they make a poster out of it.
My assistant is in fact having a day just like this - thankfully not directed at me.

In my next life I would like to come back as one of Tina Turner's dancers.


Or hang out with the Beatles in India.


Or live in Jerry Hall's house on Richmond Hill.


I'll skip the being married to Mick Jagger part. I think I would have tried to stick it out with Brian Ferry. Still, Mick is the ultimate rock star.


Bad boys galore, living life on the edge.

Dying young


Saving rock and roll from disco. Thank you, Bruce.

And if I could just play the guitar like Stevie, that would be enough.

Speaking of rock stars have you seen Kate Moss' new abode? Okay, I know she's not a rock star but she might as well be. I think she counts.


Apparently it was built by William Blake! and later was the home of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Here's hoping she will let someone in to shoot what she does with the place. It is called The Grove by the way and cost about 12.7 million dollars. If you can afford it that is some good company.

See, in the other 50% of my daydreams, I am a mad eccentric writer, artist and part time recluse. Oh, and really, really rich --  like a rock star.

On that note, I am happy to report that we are one day away from Friday!

I will be kicking off the weekend early by eating sushi with a friend this evening. I might even have an extra glass of wine. Or maybe I'll order the hot saki. That is my idea of life on the edge. My days of partying like a rock star are long gone but I do still know how to rock.

And my 15 year old daughter told me yesterday that I am too cool for school. That is pretty close to being a rock star. Just saying.

I am always interested in what other people are listening to. I like everything so let me know what's on deck. I need some new music. Bored.

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