Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thinking about football and Kate Spade

Some folks I know around here were talking about how they got tickets to a game at Bryant Denny Stadium this coming Fall, the LSU game if I am not mistaken. Last Alabama/LSU Game I went to, I got thrown up on. Remember Dad? (He made me stay). I grew up going to football games two or three times each season. I wouldn't mind hitting up a home game this year. Some people use these opportunities to dress to the nines and go to the Country Club.

I happened upon this coat and pants combo at Kate Spade and put an outfit together. This would be a nice look for such an adventure.

But if I end up going, I will probably just wear jeans and enjoy looking at all the lovely ladies in their pretty clothes. It is hard to be bothered when I have to look nice everyday for work. You know? But I am loving those shoes and the purse.

Roll Tide!

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