Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alternative living

I love tree houses. . .

This is our house in Southport. There are 5 large live oaks around the house. With porches on the top level, front and back, we feel like we DO live in a tree house. But real tree houses are fascinating.

I find these whimsical designs inspiring! In a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars kind of way.

What would it be like to live in one of these or to have one as your office or studio?

I think I could do it if it was just me and the hubby. Hobbit Hole!

I am also obsessed with yurts. Before we moved, I was planning to put one in the woods next to our house as a workshop/office/studio.

And oh the possibilities on the inside. . .
If Kate Spade had a yurt?

Ralph Lauren?

If Nannette had a yurt.

Cool tent

And I never thought I would want to live in a trailer

But this one is pretty nifty.


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  1. Love that hobbit hole....and, oh those yurts! Wow! I am behind on catching up on blogs!! On a separate note, was just in the 'ham...had never been to Edgar's bakery b4--have you been? Quite good!