Wednesday, February 2, 2011

eye candy

Nate Berkus' kitchen in Florida (Elle Decor)
I love this more than I can say. Pretty, shiny kitchen and I love the lighting. And look at ALL those cabinets.

His kitchen in Chicago (Elle Decor). Heart. Green is my favorite color. I have green cabinets but a very different shade. I will show you sometime. gorgeous floors.

Kristen Buckingham's Studio (Elle Decor) as in Lindsey Buckingham's wife. she designed the arm chair. I love the shelf above the door and the built ins. Awesome idea.

Posted a couple of days ago over at
Jaw dropping. That couch is to die for and the painting over the fireplace and the yellow chairs. Sigh. Is that a lucite dog? And the lamp. I think it is pretty perfect. I might add a ceiling to floor drape and I would definitely put a more interesting (or less distracting - I hate that dormer part) window there but I am just picking and spending someone else's money.

I love everything about this room. The only thing I would change is the fireplace itself. I think it would really be perfect if it was an adobe like, slightly rounded number instead, but that is just me. I think it would soften some of the masculinity of the space and make it perfection.

This and the next two I saw at

Love, love and love. This one up here, I might paint the walls a different color and I probably would not have framed albums up there but it is awesome as is.
Or you know what, I might just put up that wallpaper below and call it a day. I love that paper and everything about that space. Yum.

If I can ever have anything white, I will be a widow with no grandchildren and that is just sad but it sure is pretty to look at.

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  1. LOVE the one from ""! Ohhh that couch and those yellow chairs. The day I get that much natural light in a room will be a grand day!