Monday, February 14, 2011

From the Mountains to the Coast - Outrageous Things Seen on NC Craigslist

Cool digs for a shoe store maybe or a whorehouse.Asheville.

And just in time for Valentine's Day. Leland.

My favorite part is the description:
My loss is your gain!

I ordered two of these, but decided to only use one for my living room

Pop Art puckers up in a candy apple red finish.

1960’s retro style

Cast in quality designer resin

Contemporary art

Me again: whatever!

Someone in Raleigh paid over $400 for this and is now getting a divorce. This may be why.

In Winston Salem you could be the proud owner of a coffin. Yes, you read that right. Props not included.

In Greensboro, although no picture was attached, you can buy a NASCAR Recliner. A quick search gave me a good idea of what this means.

There were some cool offerings too as I would really hate to leave you with these images in your head on this lovely Valentine's Day.

$10 bucks, just saying, so you could definitely put a nice fabric on it.

Heart. This. Chair.

I don't play poker but if I did and wanted to have a poker night, I would defnitely want this handmade poker table down in the basement.

Actually love these pieces from Raleigh

I would use this for game storage and the chest below for crafty stuff

And nice rug. I like.


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