Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art and Leisure

I was just thinking about Poloroid Cameras when my eldest asked if I would buy her one off eBay. She has $60 from babysitting and says she'll pay me back. Made me wonder whatever happened to my old Poloroid?
It looked just like this.

She has been taking a lot of good pictures lately.

That got me thinking about my own love of photography and looking at some pictures I've taken in the last couple of years.

These are from the Annual Paper Hand Puppet Parade in downtown Hillsborough, NC.

And how much fun it can be. . . Self portraits with bff in the Chelsea Hotel.

And about cool photographs in general.
Owls seem to be everywhere these days but I have loved them for a long time.

This is my Father in law. Isn't he dreamy? This is a picture I took of a picture. Kinda looks like Don Draper don't you think? And he is the best dancer.

And then there are the iconic photographs, ubiquitous and divine.

And all the pretty, pretty things we bloggers surf and turn through for inspiration and ideas.

And so I figure I will get her the Poloroid and hope she will let me use it every once in a while.

On another note, I learned how to blog from my iPad so you will be hearing from me more often. Ha! XO


  1. Is the film still expensive? Sure you don't want to just get her a digital camera? Hopefully, she inherited your photography talent.
    Following you.
    Mary Ann

  2. Thanks for following! I checked out your blog and it is great. She has a digital - those first pictures are hers and check out Proud Mom. They make new Poloroid cameras now and she can use the babysitting money for that!

  3. *so* glad you are getting her the polaroid! Yay! How fun for her. Love the pics from the chelsea. Double yay on the more frequent blog posts...thank god for the iPad! xo