Saturday, January 8, 2011


What to say? 
I really hope 2010 did not hit it's ass on the way out the door!
Or maybe I do.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about the year: 
I don't even know exactly how to feel about it except that I am really glad it is over.

I ate my black-eyed peas on New Year's Day and watched my team kick some serious Michigan State tail ( I will try not to use the word ass more than once a post). Roll Tide.

Seems like my Tar Heels are getting better and better. That warms my fan heart.

If you didn't get your Christmas card it is because it is still sitting in a pile. I think this is the last year we are even going to do them. I notice that less and less people send them every year - either that or no one likes us anymore! And I know that could not possibly be the case.

So far this year I have hired more help at work. This is VERY good and it means I have an old friend in Southport. I dragged her from Las Vegas so you know she loves me and I already feel more supported. I cannot even begin to describe how crazy and stressful my job is on a daily basis. I have been working for years to get to a better place with it and it is all starting to come together. I'm glad because I do love my job. It is just completely, mind bogglingly overwhelming every single day.

The bad news is that my dog may have bone cancer and I have been crying regularly about this. The good news is that it MIGHT be a bone infection which is treatable. Jack has to take her back to the vet on Monday. She'll be 11 in June. I guess that is sort of old for a dog but all my other dogs have lived much longer so anyway, it is just what is happening here.

I am going to try for a real post before the next week is over, rather than just an update on why I have been such a slacker.

Couple of more things - Jenny of MFMB is auditioning for Design Star and so try to send good vibrations her way and check out her blog if you haven't. I think she's great and I hope she gets on the show. She's funny and irreverent - two of my favorite qualities in a human being.

Mid month I will be a guest blogger on My Hasty Life -- I will be talking about my purse and all the stuff in it. You do not want to miss this. It will change your life.

Peace, love and Happy New Year to All. Let us pray (or whatever you do) for a 2011 that Rocks the Casbah!

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