Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before and After - A Start

My living room is a work in progress. We have lived in this house since Memorial Day weekend 2010.


My new coffee table(s) came and I do love them. I got some new pillows and a few accent pieces. The orange chair that my nostalgic children refuse to let me re-cover went down into the basement kid pad. And here is the result so far.

One of my new favorite places is the Moore Street Market in Southport, NC.

I got this camel saddle transformed to ottoman there. Ian and Emily are the owners and they have a great eye for cool things and tend toward reclaiming and transforming the old into something new. I love that!

My husband also discovered this table below at the Market. Ian's brother is making them out of old doors from Charleston, SC. La Maison Boheme had a great post about using old doors at about the same time. The table below is for sale for $275 and we decided something smaller but similar would be perfect for the entry way behind the big leather chair. We gave our dimensions and eagerly await the results! I love cool surprises.

Something has to be done about the white bookshelves that are currently holding my husband's massive CD collection. I love the piece but I need to work on it. The picture next to the hanging green light (one of my favorite things I own - if I can ever figure out how to photograph it well while it is on, I'll show you why it is so awesome) is from my beloved grandmother's house. My husband refuses to let me take it down but I think we have finally agreed to find a new spot for it and I plan to put a mirror there. Maybe this one from Ballard Designs. They have great mirrors! What do you think?

Oh and I almost forgot, I picked up this cute little table at Pier One for $49 a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure this will be it's permanent home but I thought it was really cool for the price especially.

I have been in love with this whimsical but incredibly expensive bed from Anthropologie forever and I guess I thought it was a little like having a bit of that in the house.

I also want to get another chair to replace the one now in the basement - something a little more streamline, a little more mid century. My husband is a musician (guitar) and so it would be nice to find one without arms. I found this on ebay last night but I am not paying that much for it! I'll keep looking but isn't it great and sort of perfect?

 I have been MIA because we were in Snowshoe skiing! So fun!! Ready to go back even if it was about 5 degrees. Enjoying a nice, sunny day on the coast today. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link! So great to have found you here! Cheers - Sarah