Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buying a New Coffee Table

I tried to talk my husband into this:

but he just couldn't do it. 

He wanted a glass coffee table with a shelf underneath. 
I didn't even try to sell him on this:

It has a shelf! But I wasn't dying to have it. 
Gotta pick your battles and it costs 
a little more than I wanted to spend anyway.
I don't LOVE it but I do LIKE it.
$315 on ebay

Everything I saw for a while was either more of the same or way too big or way too weird or didn't have said shelf.

This weekend I did another search on eBay and I found this: 

 $99 a piece and two together - the perfect size. 

Before I hit the Buy It Now button I decided to look at the absolutely one place on earth I had not looked: Pottery Barn. 
And guess what? Same damn tables, $249 a piece plus tax plus shipping. Apparently the title "Tanner Cube" comes with a premium. 
Whatev, as my son would say.

The one place I was trying to avoid and I don't know why exactly except that it is so cliche I guess, and I ended up with an effing PB coffee table. . .

except for a whole lot less money.

I have to admit they do make them look a whole lot more appealing with the styling and the photography and that is really what we are paying for. . .

But they are EXACTLY the same,

even if this photograph helped seal the deal.

I did order them. They will be here in 4 days 
and did I mention the free shipping? And no tax? 
So the two together cost slightly less than $200. 
I heart you, eBay.

I'll post a pic when they come - if I like them.


  1. Thank you for following my blog...I am now following yours! I'm glad you found some great tables! I think they are a wonderful choice!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know! You have a great blog. Cheers!

  3. Ooh... I love the simple lucite table that you originally picked out. So clean and perfect. I know that PB was not your first choice, but they'll look great too.

  4. I know, right? Husbands! And I had to marry one with an opinion. :-)