Sunday, April 3, 2011


Because we lived in our last house for 13 years, it has been a while since I've had raw material to work with. My friend Melissa Krueger of Passiflora was our gardener there and will be here. She came for a visit while we were out of town and is going to start working on a design for our new yard. These are the pictures she took to get started.

I'll keep you posted and if I can find all the pictures of the amazing transformation of our last house, I will post. All I can say is that she is an artist and her work is an inspiration. If she had a website I would send you there. She has pretty much singlehandly transformed dowtown Carrboro over the last 5 years but likes to keep a low profile. I love being able to hand her a blank slate with some ideas of what we want and then wait and see what she comes up with. So fun! Happy Spring!


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  1. You are so cute, love this post. Off to find that app on my Droid :-)