Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So what the hell, I will just say it, this month has been a mixed bag.
We had to say goodbye to the old girl. Life won't be the same without her.
It might be a while before I can commit to another animal.

Then we spent a glorious, child free long weekend hanging out in a really nice hotel in Florida where it was WARM. Coming back to 30 degree mornings was a severe bummer. Never mind that we had to listen to Kentucky take down the Heels on the car radio. And yet the fact that we played one more game than Dook does makes it a lot better.

That, and the article in GQ listing Dookies among the top 10 most obnoxious fan base. You think?

Basketball digression aside and back to Amelia Island, my married with no children friend bought Louboutin pumps for the ocassion. Her husband had no idea why she wanted him to take a picture of the bottom of her shoes. Funny!

And then other old girl dies and a bunch of other people. For Japan, there are no words.

And all I really personally want at the moment is for my front yard to look like this. I mean, back to me.

Or this

Got somebody working on it because all I do is work and go to soccer practice. When I am not at soccer practice my husband is at baseball practice. The teenager is getting real cheeky here lately so it is a good thing we got away for a bit not to mention that a girl could get used to this.

And this (notice how I put the dessert first. At least I still have my priorities straight).

My friend James took these pictures and sent them out to me because, no I did not take a single picture. I was too busy drinking strawberry mojitos and otherwise doing nothing! The pictures actually make me giggle and ask anyone, I don't usually do that sort of thing. I think he labeled everything because either he was concerned that certain members of our party would not remember because of all the mojitos or maybe he was just being really sweet and keeping it simple for the scrapbook.
But I can't lie, I wish I was in a car heading back up this driveway.

Real life sucks sometimes but don't worry, I am also currently working on my attitude adjustment. I know I am blessed. It just hasn't felt like it every second of the day here lately.

See, not too drunk to remember the courses of our meal, but either I need to get some sun or Jack needs to wear more sunscreen when he plays tennis. I do take it as a good sign that this one does not have a label. Things are looking up already.

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