Saturday, August 6, 2011

Then and Now

It is that time again. I was certainly confident that I knew what I was doing the day we tied the knot. I mean check me out - I am all "I got this." I was the 2nd of my closest friends to get married and 24 years old.

17 years, four towns, three houses, three children, three dogs, one cat, a rabbit, two guinea pigs, and a bunch of fish and gray hair (his not mine!) later. . .

And that just covers the time we've been married. Love this guy even though he sometimes makes me crazy and, no doubt, visa versa. I am no picnic even on my best days but somehow it mostly works and when it isn't working so well it is definitely either my fault or his depending on who you ask!
The main thing is that I would do it all over again.



  1. I ♥ this post! Congratulations you two! xoxo

  2. Seeing both of your picture's brought a smile on my face.. god bless you both!! Its amazing to see two people in love... love that lasts.