Friday, July 22, 2011


I love it. This is that lobster roll I told you about at Port of Call in Southport. To.Die.For. I want another one right now!

Then this week, Stylegirl, Jess James posted this adorable lobster print dress on Facebook.

And that made me think of this dress I was debating buying which has nothing to do with lobsters except it is the same color as the lobsters above.
This is how my brain works. I took a picture of myself in it to text to a friend because I was shopping alone.
I did not post it to Twitter. :-)  I also did not buy it but Vitamin Sea, also in Southport (same owner as Sole Searching), is filled with lovely, lovely pretties.

The shoes I did buy and they are serious - from Sole Searching. I will pick the shoes over the dress every single time. What about you?



  1. I love Soul Searching and that lobster roll is calling my name!!

  2. Just let me know you are coming and I will meet you. It is so amazingly good!