Monday, February 13, 2012

Adele looked fabulous last night (except for the weird rouge thing she had going on) and so happy she swept the Grammys. I think it was especially inspiring for the younger set and she showed them all how it is done.
I liked her performance dress a lot.

Better than the one she showed up in but she was by far the best dressed female in both.

Unless you count GP.

I love this dress and the slicked back hair but girlfriend needs to eat a sandwich badly. This skinny is not even remotely sexy to me. Her in this dress and 10 more pounds - yowza. As is, it screams, all I do is work out and eat healthy stuff and work on my blog. Boring but the dress single handedly saved the day.

LL Cool J is a classy dude. My husband made fun of this ensemble but I thought he was looking mighty fine and he did a great job. Velvet tuxedo jacket is a winner in my book.

Other than Foo Fighters, Bon Iver and Adele, the rest of the music was eh- so, so - but I loved seeing Sir Paul and the tribute to Etta and then later, Whitney although no one can match her. I was never a big fan of WH's music but the woman, in her prime, could sing better than anyone else and I was always rooting for her to get it together. Some people burn bright and fast and she was one although it just never seemed to quite fit that she lost her way so fast and furious with that much God given and acknowledged talent and the package with which it was so neatly tied up.

She did have a smile, voice and spirit that could make you Believe.

And I will never forget her singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Perfection. RIP.


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  1. I ♥ Adele. Her performance dress was much more chic. She definitely stole the show, and GP's dress belongs in the grammy-hall-of-fame. Wowza. Great post...and Happy Valentine's Day to ya! ♥♥♥