Friday, January 13, 2012

Eye catchers

I got these on sale and then my 10 year old basically stole them. She's almost 11 but still, she should not have the same shoe size as me.

Cool manicure posted by Zooey Deschanel on facebook. I want to get it with the child that stole my shoes.

Bought two new bathing suits from Anthropologie for several upcoming trips.

I should send one back but I live at the beach! Right?

This made me think of my mom who is a fanatic about hankies.



  1. The Black and White swimsuit is VERY chic!

    Captures the understated elegance elegance of the one that Grace Kelly wore in the Alfred Hitchcock movie "To Catch a Thief" with Cary Grant.

    I look forward to a posting where you show the awesome tote and hat that you got to wear with it too.

    Scott Mc --- New York, New York

  2. Hi Scott, I will certainly post my hat but no chic tote yet. Thanks for stopping by!